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The Mission

To provide a commercial platform that helps people and companies to buy, sell, rent and connect. Anytime from anywhere. Business contacts at your finger tips #BuySellRent
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The Vision

To be a reliable provider of commercial information connecting Africa to the world, today.

Current BSR Products and services

BSR Now is here to help you integrate several marketing tools and platforms in order for you and your company to communicate more effectively. Using several video, audio and written platforms BSR will seek to supplement your communication efforts at home and abroad, where ever people are found.
At BSR Now International we currently have 3 mass communication, media broadcasting platforms that we have tested and we are availing for the Integration of communication to customers with partners. The platforms have unlimited reach for wherever the internet is found on the planet.

The Business Directory

to help you connect with your target audience through text, Video (TV) and Audio (radio)

The Business Newspaper

to give your business a global perspective for your local foot print

The Online Shopping Mall and Store

to help buy, sell and rent from the convenience of your home or office at the click of a button

BSR Now Business Online Newspaper

Its Digital and ready to download for sharing


To provide a global perspective for Business to Business (B2B) decisions affecting the local footprint of different African countries.
To provide non - political, niche advertising opportunities for forward thinking businesses across the globe
To provide information that nourishes the soul and body and Spirit of the people running businesses and making business decisions.


You may ask.

The reason is simple. Most businesses today are either made by people, or for people. And as time keeps proving, people need so much more than just to make the right numbers in order for us to thrive…in business, that businesses and jobs can be extensions of ourselves, and most of us would like that self to be happy and healthy and whole. BSR Now Business wants to help you to achieve that state, at least to the best of our ability.

Target Audience for the Business Newspaper

The BSR Now Business Newspaper online, is targeted at business owners, managers, CEOs and other high net-worth individuals, including entrepreneurs looking for commercial information from across the continent. Your paid advert is guaranteed to be accessed by hundreds of thousands of people (and growing) per edition. Call us now for updated numbers.

Among the industries receiving our direct broadcast of your adverts are: mining and mining Services, agriculture, construction and manufacturing, ICT, Tourism, self –Care, education, to mention just a few.

The Business Directory online

- It’s here www.bsrnow.co - Your global platform, locally…


To introduce the world to Africa, and Africa to the world. Is your business based outside the continent of Africa? We can introduce you to you potential clients in Africa. Let us show you around.
To people to businesses and businesses to people with much more ease.
To make your commercial information consistently available without much more effort from you after your initial standard or premium registration
To promote local entrepreneurs by making commercial advertising available and affordable for the development of African Economies

Targets Audience

If you buy, sell or rent goods, services or information, we don’t really care what decide to you call yourself, BSR Now is the place you want to be registered at:

The Online Shopping Mall


Well, first, we are here to provide online retail and wholesale solutions to brick and mortar stores and shopping malls. What you have in store we can display and sell for you through the online store to markets beyond your reach
Provide more buying options to places with limited supplies. E.g. to Countries that have limited manufacturing companies to provide different needs.
To support entrepreneurs that need a store to sell their merchandize for them

Target Audience

  • Businesses and people within African countries looking to do business within your country.
  • Businesses and people from across the globe looking to connect with business and people in Africa. More information here (hyperlink to directory).
  • People looking to buy, sell or rent within and outside their country
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BSR Now International’s Main Objective

To provide organized and reliable commercial information, online here

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Target Audience industries for your advert

Government ministries and other government bodies / Mines and mining Services / Tourism industry / ICT corporations / Construction and infrastructure companies / Manufacturing / Renewable energy sectors / Conservation of our natural environment and wild life / Agriculture / Education / Self-care / Health and wholeness… / etc.

The Approach

By integrating marketing communication platforms, BSR Now is giving individuals, SMBs, SMEs and Large Enterprises in Africa a platform for growth, training and expansion. We are here to hoist your communication efforts with this provision of an easy, accessible and affordable, international vehicle for your commercial information. Companies, businesses and organizations from African and Non- African countries alike are invited to register onto this amazing new platform.

We are growing the platform systems to always provide organized, reliable information online for you, by making commercial information affordable and available from the comfort of your mobile phone and other personal devices We will also work to provide balanced information for personal growth and development i.e. Work hard, play hard! 

#LiveDontJustExist #Travel #LiveLoveLearn 

“Live the life that you do have”


For advertising clients

Your commercial information will be available to your target clients and investors even in countries and places that you may or may not have the chance or the time to explore…yet. For Example,

Countries such as the D.R Congo where commercial information has not been easy to access or penetrate, as a company looking to advertise, BSR will be able to have access directly to your target clients home and office through their computer or mobile devices

Airports across the Africa continent…that are consistently taking and bring in people from across the globe, as BSR we are strategically making it a point to position ourselves in such access points. 

YOUR website: More people will reach it than already have, once you place it in a position to be more easily found by markets that look it in the right category in the international Business Directory Online. And if you do not have a website, this will be a good opportunity for you to contact us and we will help boost your own line presence for your profit. As a BSR user

BSR Now is growing into the reliable place online that you can visit whenever you want to buy, sell, rent and invest.

You will have commercial information from every African country with more options from outside your country, at your fingertips.

With our organized and growing global information, you will be able to travel to a new country, city, neighborhood, with better direction and less fuss.


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